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    International leadership 

    Management, site and plant leadership.
    Turnaround and restructuring.

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    Greenfield & Brownfield service 

    Expert on Central and Eastern European production units, Greenfield and Brownfield projects.

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    Implementation and realisation 

    Successful implementation and realization of strategies, innovations, projects and processes.

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    Business excellence 

    From Greenfield to business excellence.

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    Implementation for the leading suppliers and manufacturers from the automotive, metal processing and engineering sectors.

Location Analysis

On the basis of the eastward expansion of the EU, new markets have emerged and new potentials for manufacturing have been developed.

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Founding of Companies

Should you decide for Central or Eastern Europe, in particular Slovakia, we would be pleased to be your partner.

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Factory/Site Planning

Do you require space for your business? Are you planning a new factory or production facility, possibly with a technology centre or administrative unit?

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Greenfield/Brownfield Service

Wesconi is familiar with the Slovak and adjacent market and has access to the relevant resources.

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Site Construction

Wesconi also works with competent partners and can thus organise a safe and fast transaction.

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Cross-border transfer of production with the aim of optimising each site.

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Ramp-up Management

True-to-size initial parts and an existing machine capability study are certainly good preconditions.

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Innovation Management

We support our clients in achieving on-time product launches and successful roll-out on the market.

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Project Management

Projects are usually temporarily limited and often quickly require competent assistance and new expertise.

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Location and System Management

Our executives occupy your vacant positions until you have found the perfect candidate for long-term planning.

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Production Management

Even in an international environment, wesconi can help you to convert your corporate strategy into measurable success.

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Process Optimisation

Increase the overall equipment efficiency of your equipment and machines.

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Wesconi is pleased to help you on site and will support your managers upon entrance to a new environment.

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Interim Management

Especially in Eastern Europe and Slovakia, we recommend using specifically selected teams.

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Market Entry Service

Not every international business activity can justify its own site or branch.

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Supplier Management

Take advantage of regional strengths and expand your competitiveness together with capable and competent partners.

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