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    Performance Improvement  

    Our experts directly take part on the issues in form of Interim management.

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Performance Improvement

Wesconi is focused on project realization and takes part on concrete solutions focused on production optimization in production companies, mainly in automotive and engineering industry. Our experts directly take part on the issues in form of Interim management. External Interim manager brings the new point of view and problem solutions.

Project Realiztion Phases

  1. 1. Analysis and first audit of actual company status, define the scope of areas and setting concrete steps for improvement.
  2. 2. Project realization based on Interim Manager with combination of strong back-office support.
  3. 3. Calculation of savings (e.g. lead time shortening, scrap ratiodecreasing, melioration of parameters like CmK, CpK, PPM, etc.) followed by presentation in client ̍s site.

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Services related to Performance Improvement

  1. Resident Engineering
  2. Audit Support
  3. Improvement of Capabilities
  1. Process Optimization
  2. Ramp-up Management
  3. Bottelneck Management
Supply Chain
  1. Supplier Development
  2. Value Stream Management
  3. Lean Management

Results of cooperation

Higher quality and costs lowering
  1. We can increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  2. Maximize production with advanced cost calculation
  3. We optimize prices of chosen material input material
  4. We decrease the sources of waste in processes and the error rate per order
Effectiveness of planning and products development improvement
  1. We speed up product flow and improve storage space efficiency
  2. We ensure right material quality vs. Quantity needed for production
  3. We arrange the access to the newest innovation and technologies
  4. We increase customer satisfaction
Greater support and value from suppliers
  1. We secure the access to the most convenient local suppliers
  2. We support you to build up new business partnerships and their development
  3. We extend your competitiveness based on capable and high-quality partners