Tractor AGVs

The AGV tuggers represent a type of automated mobile robots designed to transport loads. The tow tractors are part of the complex AGV system, which also includes peripherals and Monitor & Control System (MCS).

Under-run AGVs

Under-run AGVs are ideal for internal logistics automation and is used for transporting material placed directly on top of it to allow a more efficient use of space in production halls.

Forklift AGVs​

Forklift AGVs are a new range of easy-to-integrate lifting equipment designed for non-stop operations without any stopping time. Their high level of customization, with optional scalability and flexibility make them ideal not only for internal logistics, but also for entire production lines. 

Forklift AGVs are controlled by their own Management Control System (MCS). All of Asseco CEIT’s AGVs are CE certified and the new range of smart fork-lift mobile robots is also 5G technology-ready. 

Custom AGV solutions​

Customized AGV solutions for automation of internal logistics and production according to individual customer needs.

AGV Monitor & Control System (MCS)

Monitor & Control System (MCS) is a comprehensive control system developed for monitoring and control of logistics resources. It consists of three main components:

  • Control System
  • Monitoring system (AGV Monitor)
  • Track & Trace software
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