Automation & Digitalization

Our experts and our engineering department offer development services of the highest standard.

Our plant managers use advanced technology and software to create a high efficient  production layout in accordance with the matching operational processes.

Based on the strategical planning follows a technical conception, if necessary including technical design, simulation and documentation of the related departments, systems, machines and components.

Our services of Automation & Digitalization:

  • Site structural planning and factory planning based on customers products and processes
  • Conception of the production lines and / or the related automation technology
  • Technical design for the plant layout, production cells, or stand alone robots
  • Simulation of the functions of automation during production, as well as simulation of plant as „Digital Twin“ of the real plant
  • Technical documentation of processes and technology


  • Strategical planning of layout for optimized workflow and use of space
  • Base for decisions „manual vs. automated“ workstations in respect of quality, costs and output
  • Optimized installations for better start and ramp-up phase of new technologies
  • Installation of „Digital Twin“ as perfect tool for plant management with comparison plan vs. real life
  • Clear documentation not only of purchased machines, also of additional adjusted equipment like automation, handling etc.

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