Engineering New Mobility

Powertrain will include new technologies and the way to 0-emissions will be a global target. The drivers will become a passengers role (if he or she allows the technology to do this job). IT driven connectivity will make the transport more predictable  and safe. Connectivity of machines and technologies inside automotive production will support with the same effects and batchsize 1 could finally be realized under successfull financial conditions and opens chances for a huge range of customized or taylermade variants of products.

Engineering all this new technologies and to bring them quick to market is a big task. Doing that parallel to the daily business, parallel to optimization and ratio programmes of existing modells and parallel to the classical changes in product lifecycle – that is a real challenge for the Engineering and R&D departments of OEMs and Tier1.

Same time it opens chances to the Tier2, to become a supplier for systems and optimize the added value with new processes. Also service provider like Wesconi can bring fresh ressources and capacities in PDP (product development process) and Engineering process. Engineering New Mobility means first of all seeing the chances, estimate the risks and taking a active role in realizing extremly quick what the market and the customer demands. Wesconi is ready to support you in this times of transformation and we are sure that our customers will be winner after finishing such projects.


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