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We are a premier plant management consulting company helping industrial companies efficiently manage and optimize their production plants.

About Wesconi

Our comprehensive Plant Management services
for industrial companies across Europe

Plant Management as a Service

We provide industrial plant management as a comprehensive service, focusing on the efficient management of production plants in the industrial sector. This involves overseeing various aspects of plant operations, including production processes, maintenance, resource allocation, quality control, and workforce management. Our goal is to optimize your plant performance, enhance productivity, minimize downtime, and ensure smooth operations.

Our expertise in the industrial sector

With more than 10 years of serving clients in the industrial sector, we have gained extensive experience in managing complex industrial operations. We have deep expertise in industry best practices, technologies, and processes and we understand the unique needs and challenges that companies operating in this sector face on a daily basis. Thanks to our German background and many years of experience managing international projects, we have a profound insight into the global dynamics impacting the industrial sector, establishing us as a reliable partner for companies operating across various regions. Together with our international team of experts, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in optimizing operations and resolving complex challenges specific to industrial sectors.

Senior executive managers: Immediate value & results

Our expert network consists of senior executive managers and interim managers from around the world. With their rich industry backgrounds, they bring extensive experience in various areas of industry, including general management, production & operations, supply chain & logistics, quality assurance & control, R&D, engineering, maintenance, and HSE. Our managers have a proven track record in optimizing manufacturing processes, reducing costs, deploying automation and digitalization tools, and improving quality and overall performance. They have successfully managed various greenfield & brownfield projects, organizational change, transfer of production, turnaround & restructuring projects, and company crises. All of our managers are well-versed in lean principles and methodologies such as JIT, JIS, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, 5S, TPM, SMED, Kanban, and Poka-Yoke. vertraut.

Empowering Discrete Manufacturers

We provide our services for various branches within the industrial sector, with a particular focus on discrete manufacturing companies – automotive OEM & suppliers, aviation, construction, machinery, electronics, consumer goods, chemical, agriculture technologies, transport & logistics, and medical technology.

At home in Slovakia, strong in Europe

With a strong presence in the heart of Europe – Slovakia, and ever-expanding reach across the CEE and DACH region, we are well-positioned to provide comprehensive support to industrial clients across borders. In Slovakia and neighboring countries, our local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industrial landscape, allow us to forge strong business partnerships. We provide our services also beyond our borders, covering the entire CEE and DACH region, where we have established a strong industry network. Our in-depth understanding of the cultural, regulatory, and market nuances of these countries, ensures that our services are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of companies operating within these regions. Furthermore, we assist companies already well-established in Europe to expand internationally.

Plant Management Projects

Implementing plant management projects
from the early planning phase to efficient and successful plant


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