Greenfield Project Winkelmann in Slovakia

The project of the German conglomerate Winkelmann in the industrial park Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia, which received a certificate of significant investment last July, is entering an expansive phase of implementation. This capital venture represents the initial phase of constructing a production complex for metal hot water storage tanks, intended for heat pumps and heaters under the Winkelmann Building + Industry brand. The projected financial injection into this infrastructure reaches 110 million euros, with an expectation of generating approximately 452 new job positions.

Information about the Greenfield Project

The area of this plant includes a production hall covering approximately 44.000 , an assembly hall, and a logistics warehouse. The exterior will be equipped with a parking area with a capacity of 338 spaces for personal vehicles and 3 spaces for buses, implemented as ecological retention parking areas. This complex will also include an integrated infrastructure of roads, pathways, and greenery.

The personnel structure in the new plant will consist of approximately 300 production workers and 70 specialists in the field of assembly and logistics, plus 32 administrative staff located in the administrative building, and another 50 workers focused on supporting production processes in offices.

Interim Project Manager Responds

In the project, the interim manager Werner Schmitz plays an important role, bringing invaluable contributions to the project with his extensive experience in project management and strategic leadership. His responsibility covers not only the effective management of all stages of construction, from the start of the process in the third quarter of 2023 to the planned completion in the third quarter of 2024, but also includes sustainable development and environmental compliance, reflected in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

In an interview with Mr. Schmitz, the interim project manager, we learn more about his vision and approach to this enterprise:

What are the main challenges and opportunities you see in this project? 

“The project presents several significant challenges and opportunities. The development of the greenfield site is not easy and requires meticulous preparation. As pioneers in this new industrial park, Winkelmann Building and Industry (WBI) is leading development efforts that go beyond our scope, contributing to the overall growth of the entire industrial park. The main challenge in this phase is the proximity of the groundwater to the surface and the expansive building being situated near the borders of the greenfield compound. The project schedule is also demanding due to the long lead times of machine suppliers.”

How do you plan to optimize processes in the new production plant to achieve maximum efficiency and minimize environmental impact?

“We work on precise factory planning involving experienced Winkelmann Group personnel in collaboration with specialized external partners. Given the larger dimensions of components and products, well-set workflow and value stream planning are important. The required variants of products are not easy to realize, but our technology affords flexibility and enables high-volume production. The products manufactured in this plant will be used for heat pumps, which contribute positively to the environment. Furthermore, we plan the installation of solar panels on the factory’s roof to align with our commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Can you tell us more about the technological innovations you plan to introduce in the production line, and how these innovations contribute to the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the plant?

“The production is based on advanced machines and technology which allows both automated large-scale production and flexible manufacturing of many different variants of products. This allows us to quickly introduce new products based on customer needs and specifications. We also aim to build strong relationships with local suppliers, ensuring quick deliveries and fast adjustments. Due to these efforts, this project will have a positive impact not only on our suppliers and employees but also on the entire region of Rimavská Sobota.”


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