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Whole industry and automotive branch are actually facing big disruptions by changes in their product portfolio and working processes. Many of this changes and disruptions are initiated by digital transformation of traditional business and the customers wish to use such technology and processes.Wesconi is not only adjusting to this new technologies – we want to be the leader and support

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Reduce scrap in production with Wesconi

Scrap in production can has a significant effect on profitability. The challenge is to reduce scrap from production considering the effectiveness of the process. To know where scrap is arising, you need to have a detailed understanding of the process.

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We are looking for a supplier

In the name of our automotive partner we are looking for a supplier who can produce floor, the material should be pressed wood / XPS with partial plastic covering including CNC machining. It should look like one pressed piece, maximum size of one piece is 2400 х 7500 mm. In case if you are or you know such producer please

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