How we understand Plant Management

Modern industrial companies have many requirements when they think about the management of their factories. Most of the companies in discrete industry, especially automotive companies and their Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers, machinery companies and big technology and service providers want and need to expand their global footprint. The target is a strong local presence with short supply chain and way to market. Cost for transport and other logistic issues is not an added value for the customers. It is partially just a cost factor and negative impact to the environmental at CO2 output. In times of component shortage, like in the semiconductor industry and closed harbours due to corona regulations or any other kind of disruption in the global value stream, plant management becomes really challenging. On top comes intracompany tasks for cost reductions, maybe with higher automation level or classical performance improvement actions.

Wesconi provides Plant Management as a global service, to relieve stress of the management board and investors. Optimalization processes in companies very often start with the right plant manager. If this place is not covered due to missing manager, the whole organization starts to loose performance within weeks and even worse strat loosing goal orientation and connection to the organizational strategy. For that reason we have experienced experts ready to jump in as a taskforce whereever in the world the plant is located. Many of our experts are also willfull to go for the long track and are looking for permanent placement. Whatever is the best solution in such situation, we like to support.

But placing manager in the position is not enough. Plant managers have to realize their missions by implementing company strategy and achieving set targets. For making this possible they need modern tools to manage capacities in the factory, realize quicker time to market or higher customer satisfaction with better offering management. We support these improvement processes in cooperation with our software partners – Siemens Digital Industries Software, Variantum, Asseco CEIT and Twinzo. In case the automation level or intralogistics need to be improved, we recommend the AGVs (automated guided vehicles) from our partner Asseco CEIT.

At the end the the customer is satisfied and successfull, because his factory is managed lean, smart and green.

This is our target, because we are „YOUR PARTNER IN PLANT MANAGEMENT“.

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