Industrial Services

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Industrial Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Shop Floor Operations

Industrial services offer a comprehensive range of specialized support and solutions that help companies streamline their operations and enhance productivity on the shop floor. These services are particularly valuable during periods of expansion, increased demand, staff turnover, or when seeking specialized expertise to optimize manufacturing processes.

Our approach

We Keep Your Plant Running

Our core services of consulting, interim management, and executive search have already proven highly effective in helping our clients solve complex operational challenges and secure top-tier leadership. But based on our experience, we know that the backbone of manufacturing success lies in the efficient operations on the shop floor. Our Industrial Services are designed to complement our existing services, addressing the need for effective lower-level operator placement and management. We cover a broad spectrum of departments, including production, quality, logistics and supply chain, maintenance, and more.

In the realm of production operations, various operator positions play instrumental roles in ensuring a seamless production flow and optimal output. Tapping into our extensive industrial network, we connect you with a pool of skilled machine operators, process operators, assembly technicians, CNC setters and programmers, and production supervisors. When selecting candidates for these positions, we emphasize industry experience, precision, and a responsible approach.

The quality department plays a pivotal role in industrial production companies. It prevents costly recalls and reworks and ensures customer satisfaction. To sustain its efficacy, we provide highly skilled professionals to cover positions such as Quality Control Inspectors, Quality Assurance Technicians, Metrology Operators, Process Auditors, and Product Auditors. Our candidates have a keen eye for detail, and a deep commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.

The lack of skilled workers in the warehouse and logistics department can cause delays in production and disrupted supply chains leading to escalated operational costs and dissatisfied customers. To mitigate such challenges, we provide skilled supply chain planners, logistics coordinators, warehouse supervisors, and other specialists to ensure that your logistics operations remain efficient and capable of delivering your products in the required time and quantity.


Industrial Services from Wesconi

Industrial Network

Regardless of the location, our extensive network of industrial connections ensures that we are able to provide qualified personnel for diverse shop floor positions across Europe.

Holistic Approach

Gain the advantage of a comprehensive solution under one roof. We offer a full spectrum of services, from filling critical leadership positions to shop floor management. With a single point of contact, you benefit from a unified partnership that solves multiple problems, leading to seamless coordination, enhanced efficiency, and a cohesive strategy.

Focus on Core Business

By outsourcing non-core functions to us, you can focus your resources and energy on more important activities. Our services ensure that production runs smoothly and allow you to focus on what you do best – your core business.


Streamline Your Production Operations through Industrial Services

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