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The aim of the Wesconi team and our experts is is the operational implementation of projects from early planning phase to efficient and successful plant, namely in the spirit of our motto:

Your Partner in Plant Management

With support of modern technology we want to provide solutions to our customers to make them sustainable and successful.

We also strive to build positive and productive relationships between specialists and international companies. Our openness, honesty and diligence allows us to build repeat long-term “win-win” partnerships.

2007 - Establishment of company
Establishment of Wesconi in Germany and implementation of projects through Interim Management.
2013 - Extension of plant in Slovakia
Extension of plant in Slovakia for an international client and establishment of a new factory.
2014 - Establishment of Wesconi in Slovakia
Establishment of Wesconi s.r.o. in Slovakia.
2015 - Implementation of LEAN projects
Implementation of LEAN, Toyota Kata and production management projects for TIER 1 and TIER 2 car manufacturers and suppliers. Launch of SAP B1 business information system.
2016 - Extension of service portfolio and implementation
Extension of service portfolio and implementation of turnaround and restructuring projects for international automotive clients. Implementation of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.
2018 - International projects
International operation of the company through experts abroad (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia, Benelux, Germany). A greenfield project for a global supplier of automotive components for leading car manufacturers.
2020 - Digitalization
We are happy and proud to become the Alliance Partner for Siemens Digital Industries Software. Our customers can now get the full range of services for digital and operational Plant Management.

Wesconi – Your System Vendor for digital and operational Plant Management

As a C&SI (Consulting & System-Integration) Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software and in cooperation with other strong partners we develop and implement the successful industrial production of the future.

Our long-term experience from Engineering and Productionmanagement to Sitemanagement we combine with most modern softwaretools and therewith create capable and robust Managementsystems on a stable and real basis of data.

With CAD and CAM Systems is build up the basement for planning and implementation of Technology and Process. By virtual representation as a Digital Twin the operations are simulated, tested and optimized.

With that, the Sitemanagement can be supported digitally and globally and as well allows Cockpit functions in displaying KeyProcessIndicators in real time and transparent.
A high degree of Automation and an economical use of your resources assure a long-term competitive advantage and offer a basis for knowledge transfer across locations.

Technical key components as there are prototypes, gripper, chucking and positioning parts are produced in 3D-printing processes and accelerate the operational realization and the Time-to-Market frequency of your products.

Aim is the Smart Factory – intelligent, cross-linked, resource-economical and versatile – capable of supplying plenty of satisfied customers with high quality and cost-effective goods.

Wesconi – Your international Business Partner – at home in Europe – strong in the CEE Region

The Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) region consists of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The economic growth of the CEE region has recently exceeded the overall results of the global economy.

The region retains the prerequisites for maintaining economic growth. Good outlooks are primarily the pro-reform-orientated economies that joined the EU to improve the business environment, as well as tax and social reforms.

Each CEE country offers different added values for investors, a specific business environment, and a unique culture.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia are internationally known as BCC (Best Cost Countries) – an economically attractive combination of automation, process stability, and productivity with low wage costs.

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