Interim Management in Slovakia helps Greenfield and Brownfield projects

Interim management plays a significant role in both greenfield and brownfield projects. How do interim managers contribute to these types of projects in Slovakia? What are the main challenges and opportunities for the Slovak industry?

Interim Management in Greenfield Projects

Project Planning and Launch

Interim managers leverage their experience to assist in the planning and launch of greenfield projects in Slovakia. They contribute to developing project timelines, budgets, and resource allocation.

Regulatory Compliance

Interim managers navigate the local regulatory landscape, ensuring that all legal and compliance requirements are met for the new project. They secure necessary permits and approvals.

Team Building and Training

Interim managers play a crucial role in building and training project teams, ensuring the right skills are in place for successful project execution.

Supplier and Stakeholder Management

Interim managers help to establish effective relationships with suppliers and stakeholders, facilitating smooth collaboration and project progression.

Interim Management in Brownfield Projects

Restructuring and Optimization

Interim managers assist in the restructuring and optimization of existing processes and operations in brownfield projects. They bring a fresh perspective to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Change Management

Interim managers excel in change management, helping teams adapt to new processes and structures. They mitigate resistance and facilitate a smooth transition.

Performance Improvement

Interim managers focus on performance improvement, implementing strategies to enhance productivity and efficiency in existing operations.

Cost Control

Interim managers are often skilled in financial management and can implement cost-control measures to improve the financial health of brownfield projects.

“Our interim management services represent a swift and effective solution for industrial companies in Slovakia. By offering experienced professionals on a temporary basis, we help companies start their greenfield and brownfield projects, optimize production, or ensure seamless transitions during critical phases such as change management, restructuring, or company turnaround. Each interim manager brings deep expertise and a proven track record in his respective fields. Whether deployed for short-term projects to resolve operational issues or for long-term missions to execute strategic plans, our interim managers play an important role in driving positive transformations within organizations.”

Lenka Luptáková, Marketing Manager, Wesconi

Slovak Industry Overview

Slovakia has a strong industrial base with a focus on automotive manufacturing, electrical engineering, and information technology. The country has been attractive to foreign investors due to its skilled workforce, strategic location, and membership in the European Union. However, like any industrial landscape, it faces challenges such as:

Global Competition

Slovak industries, particularly automotive manufacturing, face global competition. Interim managers with international experience bring insights to help companies stay competitive.

Technology Integration

The industry is evolving rapidly, and interim managers aid in the integration of new technologies, such as Industry 4.0, to improve processes and competitiveness.

Talent Management

Skilled labor is crucial, and interim managers contribute to talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies.

How Can Interim Managers Help in Slovakia

Strategic Leadership

Interim managers provide strategic leadership during project launches or restructuring, aligning operations with overall business goals.

Cross-Cultural Expertise

For projects involving foreign investment, interim managers with cross-cultural expertise help to bridge communication gaps and facilitate effective collaboration.

Knowledge Transfer

Interim managers transfer knowledge and skills to local teams, contributing to the professional development of the workforce

Operational Efficiency

Whether in greenfield or brownfield projects, interim managers focus on optimizing operations, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The flexible nature of interim management is particularly advantageous in projects with uncertain durations or fluctuating requirements.

“The speed of implementation is increasingly relevant for successful industrial businesses. German companies in Slovakia and Eastern Europe are also feeling this. Many German industrial companies that have an international footprint are now entering the transition phase. Foreign plants are changing from initially being purely production operations to becoming independent organizational units with their own administration, research, and development. This creates short decision-making processes and quick implementation of projects and measures. It is very positive when fundamentally similar values and principles exist, as is the case with Germans and Slovaks. Communication is facilitated, strategies are developed and implemented together. The principle of equal rights and obligations is being applied successfully across borders. The next phase of a long-lasting successful cooperation has begun.”

Werner Schmitz, Managing Owner, Wesconi


Interim managers bring valuable expertise to both greenfield and brownfield projects in Slovakia, help solve complex challenges specific to the industrial environment, and thus contribute to successful project results.

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