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Scrap in production can has a significant effect on profitability. The challenge is to reduce scrap from production considering the effectiveness of the process. To know where scrap is arising, you need to have a detailed understanding of the process.

Wesconi implements projects in scrap reduction and identified opportunities for improvement. Each of these projects has a single systematic plan for a actions, which consists of several phases. The first phase is Measuring and testing. It include mapping the value stream (warehouses, product engineering, production/assembly, rework, check points, expedition), analysis of amount of scrap produced in individual operations (conditions is a good record of volume), definition of structure of scrap and total costs.

We analyze all important parameters

The second phase – Measurement analysis consists of the product analysis, mold flow analysis, analysis of mold repairs, analysis of technological parameters, analysis of machine and equipment operating parameters (temperature, time, pressure etc.), comparison with CAD drawings. The third phase – Implementation of measures + Verification of the performance (monitored KPIs) measurement costs, product processing time, customer delivery time, process control, SMED, schedule for machine maintenance and cleaning.

The results of project

And the final step in the project  is measurement of project results, i.e. cost reduction in production, reduction of produced scrap, reduction of recycling costs, shortening lead time for products, increase the number of OK parts, reducing costs for non-quality. Below we are going to review the example of implemented project.  The project was devoted to elimination of waste material for product instrument panels and cockpit systems, Audi Q7 (during  foam process).

A detailed analysis found how cut down your expenses

The project was implemented for  IAC GROUP s.r.o. in Lozorno. The main target was to reduce scrap costs by 50 %, clearly set up the production process on the foaming line, reduce production costs by a min of 30 % (recycling of reserves, man days, etc.). As results of analysis were detailed recommendation for cost reduction, waste recycling, speed up of production and increase the number of pieces /hr.

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