Greenfield & Brownfield projects

Your greenfield factory will be built up much faster with us. Wesconi team experts lead their clients from initial market analysis, selection of location, recruitment of employees, to start of production.

Do you plan to extend your production and expand beyond the borders of your country? In this case, you need a strong partner to accompany you from the initial analysis of the market, through the choice of location and the employees to the start of production.

Our team knows the Slovak market and neighbouring CEE markets , and our portfolio includes suitable and convenient premises, buildings and land – easily accessible by rail or air transport, or in the immediate vicinity of a motorway.

We like to show our clients regional features that are worth to know when buying or renting real property. In cooperation with our clients we are laying the groundwork for a cost-effective, qualitative implementation within the requirements of timing and financing. At the request of our clients will take over the complete implementation.

We show our clients the regional features that should be considered before buying or renting property. With our clients we lay the groundwork for cost-effective and qualitative implementation, while observing schedules and financial requirements. We also protect our clients’ interests and business objectives. Working together on start-up projects is our responsible task and the basis for long-term partnerships.

Why a new plant in CEE?

  • Local sourcing of customers
  • Access to qualified personnel
  • International wage differences (CEE countries rank among the best-cost countries)
  • Technology and expertise clusters
  • Balancing economic fluctuations

Our services

Greenfield & Brownfield

Site Analysis

The global value chain is constantly developing. Today even medium-sized companies are expected to have a global market presence – a position previously confined to international players.

Co-operation between Western and Eastern Europe has become increasingly strong and steadily growing in recent years – EU expansion has created new markets and manufacturing potential.

When looking for a new location in Central and Eastern Europe, we will gladly assist you with initial research, finding your ideal new location and also relocation of your plant using our extensive experience and local contacts.

We will support your analyses and show you on site opportunities and differences, as well as potential limits of a new market.

Market Entry Service

See regional differences and national mindsets as an opportunity for your successful business – avoid delays and misunderstandings.

Not every international company thoroughly reassesses its market position or place of business. As a rule, only a superficial initial analysis and market research are conducted, including risk assessment. Especially small businesses limit or want to limit their initial investments in that critical phase.

When entering a new market, we offer:

  • Assistance with finding appropriate business premises and first employees
  • Legal, tax and investment advice
  • Administrative support (translations, bank dates, etc.)

New Plant Construction

A new plant brings many opportunities as well as risks. International standards can be interpreted and implemented differently. However, the final facility must meet current requirements and provide a basis for future success and quality achievement.

Typical questions prior to construction:

  • What floor load (per m2) should the new production area have?
  • How much Lux should the lighting produce?
  • How strong should the roof structure be?
  • What crane load will the structure support?
  • Who will supply the power – who is responsible for the transformer?
  • What are the regional regulations?
  • Which permits and regulatory approvals are required?


Our team will answer all the above questions and help you implement your plans in a qualitative and effective way, whether it concerns the environmental permit process, final building approval, or simply the right concrete mix.

Our goal is a functioning new location that meets your needs as well as those of your investors, customers and employees.

System Relocation and Installation

The installation of a new system is often a major challenge. Sensitive technical components need to be carefully moved to ensure functionality. Despite heavy loads, time pressure, and long distances, the quick start of a new manufacturing facility must be guaranteed.

The relocation of facilities can also be relatively difficult. Through years of use, original surfaces have adjusted in various ways: components that have never been moved are suddenly stressed and show wear from ageing. Hence work needs to be interrupted for the time necessary to ensure continued production and customer care.

By working with trusted partners, Wesconi can organise fast and secure relocations. Depending on system type, the disassembly, transportation and organisation of the whole process up to new production start-up can be undertaken.

Given the different cost structure in a new manufacturing environment, older written-off systems can be upgraded to start a second productive career at a new facility.

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