Greenfield & Brownfield projects

Plant management often starts with a greenfield or brownfield project. We support you to successfully realize it from the first day – from Design to Business Excellence.

Do you plan to build a new plant, a new production hall, maybe with a technology center or administrative unit? In that case, you need a strong partner who accompanies your project from the search for employees till the start of serial production.

Wesconi plant managers are selected and placed based on their specific experience and knowledge.

The management of a greenfield or brownfield project requires special skills such as:

  • Strong start up mentality
  • Hands-on approach and high level of goal orientation
  • Responsibility for budgets and schedules
  • International project experience
  • Quick methods of problem solving
  • Good understanding of process regarding value stream and consumption of ressources
  • Capability to form and motivate teams
  • Universal plant management experience and readiness to implement

Our services in Greenfield & Brownfield


Consulting during the preparation and planning phase

A new site offers  many opportunities, but also some risks. International standards are interpreted and implemented differently. Current cost pressures are often given priority over long-term efficiency.

However, the final plant not only has to meet current requirements, but should also be a base for success and quality in the future.

We recommend to involve our plant managers already during this strategic planning. Failures detected in this phase will avoid long-term costs and risks.

On customers wish, we can use IT tools, for example for plant structure planning or plant simulation. Our technology partners offer various modern IT systems.


Engineering for the detailed specification and structuring of the technical equipment

How is the value stream of raw materials and products in your new plant? How will yoou operate your machines – manually or automatically? Do you organize your plant in production lines, cells, or the combination of both? Where do you expect the future bottlenecks?

These questions and many more should be answered in a detailed and qualified manner before the equipment is installed. Use the expertise of our plant managers to create a clear concept including technical specifications for the following realization.

Modern software tools can also provide support in this phase. For example for process simulation or the engineering of new or modified automations.

Interim Management

Interim management during the realization phase of the start-up, start of production and ramp-up

Start up and ramp up phases are characterized by problems in achieving quality goals and output. Machines, equipment and processes must achieve the required capability to secure a robust production in the long term. OEE (overal equipment efficiency) and cycle times often do not yet correspond to long-term planning.

Our plant managers support you during production of first samples, the pilot series, but also during following ramp-up. We guarantee full deployment until all performance KPIshave are on expected level. Then is following a handover to the permanent staff of the company.

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