Greenfield & Brownfield projects

With us your project will be built on a greenfield much faster. Wesconi is leading their clients from the initial analysis of the market, through the choice of location and employees, to the start of production.

Do you plan to extend your production and expand beyond the borders of your country? In this case, you need a strong partner to accompany you from the initial analysis of the market, through the choice of location and the employees to the start of production.

Wesconi is familiar with the Slovak market and market  of neighbouring  countries (CEE region) and also has in their portfolio suitable and accessible premises, buildings or land, which have great location and are easily accessible by road, air or rail transport. Let us know your wishes with respect to implementation, budget and environment. Explain how your business is currently running and how would you like it to run in the future. 

We like to show our clients regional features that are worth to know when buying or renting real property. In cooperation with our clients we are laying the groundwork for a cost-effective, qualitative implementation within the requirements of timing and financing. At the request of our clients will take over the complete implementation.

We also protect the interests and business objectives of our clients. Working together on the projects is our responsible task which is the basis for a long-term partnerships.

Motivation for building a new center in the CEE countries

  • Local sourcing of customers
  • Access to qualified personnal
  • International wage differences
  • Formation of technology and expertise clusters
  • Balancing economic fluctuations

Our services

Greenfield & Brownfield area

Site Analysis

Especially in Slovakia and the surrounding regions, we have experience and a network to successful project implementation. Even small family businesses are motivated towards international expansion.

Within Europe, there has been an increasing division of labour between West and East. Because of the eastward expansion of the EU, new markets have been created along with new potential for manufacturing.

Whatever your motivation for a new location in Central and Eastern Europe may be, we will gladly assist you with initial research and defining your ideal new location with the help of our experience and local contacts. We will support your analysis and show you the possibilities, differences and boundaries of the new market.

Market Entry Service

Not every international business activity justifies its own site or branch. There are often upstream testing phases to research the market and assess the individual barriers to entry.

Small businesses in particular can or want to limit their initial investments. If Slovakia is a potential new market or if you want to supervise other Central and Eastern European countries from Slovakia, take advantage of the geographical and strategic location of Wesconi.

When entering a new market, we offer:

  • Find appropriate business premises and start up team
  • Legal, tax and investment advice
  • Administrative support (translations, bank dates, etc.)

Site Construction

A new site adds many opportunities but also some risks. At the regional level, international standards can be interpreted and implemented differently.

However, the final facility must not only meet current requirements, but should also provide a basis for future success.

When constructing a new production site, the foundation often determines whether the new production system can really manufacture in the micro range.

Typical questions in the construction and acquisition of facilities include:

  • What floor load (per m2) should the new production area have?
  • How much Lux should my lighting produce?
  • How strong should the roof structure be?
  • What crane load will my support structure support?
  • Who will supply the power, and who is responsible for the transformer?
  • What are the regional regulations concerning social spaces?
  • Which regulatory approvals are required?
  • and much more

Within CEE countries, Wesconi has many regional partners who can assist with all your questions and help you to realise your vision in a cost-effective manner. Regional features, such as ownership, soil conditions and regulatory provisions will be taken into account.

Whether environmental permit process, final building approval, or simply the right mixture of concrete for the foundation. Our interest lies in a functioning new location that meets the needs of its clients, investors and employees. We therefore offer also offer the security and credentials to fulfil the required quality standards in the end product, whether it be engine components, drive axles, pumps or steering elements.

Facility Relocation and Installation

The installation of a new system is often a major challenge. Sensitive technical components need to be carefully moved so that their function is not compromised. Despite heavy load, time pressure, and long distances, a quick start of the new production must be guaranteed.

The relocation of existing facilities can also be relatively difficult. Through year of use, settling adjustments occur on the old surfaces. Components that have never been moved are suddenly stressed and show wear from ageing.

However, the downtime should be as short as possible in order to ensure continued production and supply of customers.

In this regard, Wesconi also works with competent partners and can thus organise a fast and secure execution. Depending on the system type, the dismantling and transport up to the initial parts of the new production can be undertaken.

The SOP (start of production) proceeds within the scheduled deadlines. The client will continue to be supplied. This also applies to transport in Slovakia and the neighbouring regions. In particular, older systems that have already been written off can receive new life, because in the new manufacturing environment, there is a different cost structure, especially in the case of manual secondary activities.

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