Control system

The Control System is the control unit that serves as the basis for the whole system that provides autonomous AGVs with the transmission of information about its status, performed activities, problem situations, and positions within the defined area, while using this information for decision-making and the subsequent management of individual parts of the logistics process of these resources.

The Control System is used to manage the logistics devices active in the production process. Its task is to control the transfer of individual AGV robots, e.g. through intersections, traffic lights, service points, chargers and the like, automatically without the need for human intervention. The added value of the Control System is the automatic management and control of the logistics process.

Advantages of the Control System

  • Smart control
  • Possibility to evaluate the conditions of transport anddecide on the basis of them
  • Automatically generated input information for transportfrom various external devices (e.g. robotic workstations,production/assembly line, external devices andcustomer systems) automatically sent to the controlsystem
  • Sending information from the AGV to other externaldevices
  • Synchronization with just-in-time and on-demandmanufacturing
  • Acceleration and continuity of material flow
  • Full automation of production/logistics process

AGV Monitor

AGV Monitor oversees autonomous AGVs and other system elements active in the manufacturing process. The role of the AGV Monitor is to offer employees in the industrial hall the opportunity to monitor the position, activity, operating status of individual mobile robots and other system elements, and to have an overall overview and control overt hem in real time.

The added value of the AGV Monitor is the real-timemonitoring of AGVs in the production process, while the processed information is displayed in a user-friendly form, especially by graphical visualization or in a user-adjustable output of status information in text form. The user has the possibility to influence individual elements in real time, for example by activation or deactivation. All information, actions or changes in settings are recorded and collected by the system as a basis for later analysis or subsequent optimization of logistics processes.

Advantages of AGV Monitor

  • Monitoring of the position, operation and operatingstatus of autonomous AGV equipment and othersystem elements (peripherals, traffic lights, etc.)
  • Monitoring of the status of requests sent from anexternal system (e.g. from the customer’s internalsystem)
  • Real-time graphical visualization of collected data in auser-friendly form
  • Ability to monitor the duration of individual operatingconditions over time
  • Ability to monitor the presence/absence of the AGV at aspecific location in real time and thus urge, for example,the operator in a workplace
  • Possibility to inform about defective/faulty material,which AGV carries or the static conveyor contains
  • Error notification and abnormal situations areimmediately displayed on the warning panel
  • Possibility to display the occupancy of intersections

Track & Trace Statistical Software

Track & Trace is provides an insight into the history ofproduction and logistics processes implemented in theindustrial halls of various industries. The software records,statistically evaluates and displays the operationalactivities of individual autonomous mobile robots, providesa regular report on their overall movement, materialtranshipment, communication response, correct reading ofRFID tags, etc.

With the help of Track & Trace, it is possible to find out the operating status and occupancy status of peripherals located in the industrial hall, their reloading of materials, monitor the movement of individual pallets around the industrial hall (material flow), etc. Based on the statistics provided by Track & Trace, bottlenecks may be identified and the unreliability of technology or the human factor,  can be eliminated together with failures and causes of problems. Such analyses are an asset to optimization of the production and logistics processes in industrial companies. The software provides feedback for the production and logistics processes, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the overall situation in the industrial hall.

Advantages of Track & Trace

  • Collection, storage and evaluation of historical data andtheir graphical visualization for production and logisticsmanagers
  • Recording of historical data from the productionprocess to identify bottlenecks in the logistics process
  • A tool providing regular feedback on operationalactivities carried out in industrial halls
  • Activity statistics and utilization monitoring theautonomous AGV equipment
  • Statistics on the operating conditions and occupancystatus of the AGV tractor’s peripherals
  • Graphical display of historical data related, for example,to specific AGV status information, distance travelled,errors, network response, number of parts produced,the functionality of the server and its components inuser-defined time intervals

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